Peter Pusztai

Peter Pusztai

Born 1947 in Szárazajta, Transylvania (Romania).

Studied in Marosvásárhely and at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest under the tutelage of professors Pál Nagy and László Kazár.

Since 1974, he is a member of the Fine Arts and Photographers Association. In the later years at the university, he was the photo editor of “Poligrafia”, a trade magazine.

Since 1975, he is a member of the official press, also working as literature/art editor and photographer.

His first exhibit was in 1972 and from 1974 on, he regularly participated in international exhibitions and shows with etchings, photographs and publicity works in Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, Sopot, Stockholm, Rijeka, Prague, Brno, Bern, Washington, Montreal and Budapest.

1977: recipient of the prestigious award, the Grand Prix of Fine Arts Association. Other shows and exhibits: Bucharest, Marosvásárhely, Weilerswist, Brussels, Cologne, Geneva, Budapest and Luxembourg.

1981: moved to Switzerland. The “Mandadori” and “Agora” publishing companies published his first book in French, German and Italian. Employed by the Swiss “Edito-Service” and “Atlas Verlag” as illustrator.

1981-1985: regular exhibits and shows at the “Inter-Art Gallery”. He created thousands of posters, book-covers and other illustrations in Romania, Switzerland and Canada.

1984: founded his own advertising and publicity illustration company in Canada under the name “Publicité & Graphisme P & G Pusztai Inc.” Worked for the Méridien, Quinze, Beauchemin, Mondia, Trécarré, Héritage and Grolier publishing houses.

1988-1996: created set-designs and drawings for the following motions pictures: “La Bande Magique”, “Happy Castle”, “Cocotte Minute” and “Iris” for Malo, Patonic and Austin Studios.

1996: exhibit at the “Gloria Art Gallery” in Budapest. 

2006: exhibit at Montreal’s Harwood gallery.

2007: Published in the B&W magazine (#49, USA).

2008: exhibit in Montreal: "50 moments - photographies".

2009: raised to knighthood as Universal Knight of Culture in Budapest for his artistic contributions.

2011: group exhibit in Texas, USA.

2012: group exhibit at the Viva Vida gallery in Pointe Claire, Montreal.

Peter currently lives and works from his home near Montreal in Vaudreuil, Quebec.

Irina Georgeta Pusztai

Irina Georgeta Pusztai

Born in Bucharest in 1949, Romania, she graduated in graphic arts in 1974 from the Institute of Fine Arts “N. Grigoresco” in Bucharest. After living 3 years in Geneva, she moved to Montreal in 1984. Her work was exhibited all over the world in Romania, Yugoslavia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Sweden, and finally Canada. Many of her works now belong to the National Museum of Romania and some are in private collections in Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, the United States and Canada.

Lately, she concentrated her work in the advertisement domain and book illustrations that are sold across Canada, Europe and Africa. She appeared numerous times in the famous publishing called “Graphs”. In her work, she uses both the old techniques and the computer.